Here is our list of Friends and Resources

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Here is our list of Friends and Resources

Post  sgsims1 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:24 pm

I'm going to start a list here of websites and sticky it at the top of this forum. If you would like to suggest an addition, pm me the website link and I will add it to this sticky post, and feel free to post your comments and recommendations on that site in this forum. THANKS TO GLYNN (THEBIGGFELLA) FOR FORMATTING AND MAINTAINING THIS EXCELLENT HIT/DIET RESOURCE PAGE! cheers

Bill Sahli’s HIT forums
Drew Baye’s HIT website
Casey Butt’s Weightrainer website
Classic Physique Builder website
Doug McGuff & John Little’s Body By Science
John Heart’s website
Markus Reinhardt’s website
Joe Mullin's Site
Jason Flynton's Website
Dave Durell High Intensity Nation
Dave Durell High Intensity Muscle Building

Clarence Bass’s website
Craig Knight’s Fat Guy Thin website
Lyle McDonald’s Body Recompostion website
Martin Berkhan’s Leangains website
LeanSaloon IF Blog
Mark's Daily Apple
Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint 101
Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution

David Landau’s You Tube page
Glynn's (thebiggfella) You Tube page
Mark's (Mark HIT) You Tube page
Turpin's You Tube page
Markus Reinhardt's You Tube page

Body By Science
Heavy Duty II: Mind & Body

High Intensity Training The Mike Mentzer Way
Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors
The Adonis Complex

Bill Sahli’s Ezine Articles
David Landau’s Exercise Fraud website
Glynn's (thebiggfella) Men’s Health fatloss thread
Carl Lanore's Super Human Radio

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