Personal Interpretation - The DA Vinci Fitness Code

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Personal Interpretation - The DA Vinci Fitness Code

Post  Fitness Scientist on Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:49 pm

Personal Interpretation

In 1947, at the age of 10, I became interested in “weightlifting”.

My purpose was to become stronger, grow larger and to include muscle mass to my genetically small skeletal frame. It was not long before I realized the importance of weightlifting-- exercising muscles against resistance-- as a vehicle into the lifelong health and wellness realms and a healthier lifestyle.

Today, after years of research, and because of being effectively blessed to make my hobby my life work, I believe a form of exercise I call the Da Vinci Fitness Code is a simple and productive approach to overall fitness.

Various books and articles I formulated, indicate that physical fitness training, is the Gateway to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The Da Vinci Fitness Code embraces knowledge to improve all of the units of fitness components related, holistic health and wellness.

It offers a very new approach to total conditioning exercise, physical therapy exercise, post-physical therapy, back to work rehabilitation, and the promotion of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

It is genuinely a holistic and sacred system of exercise. The Da Vinci Fitness Code is much more than it appears. It simultaneously and significantly improves your current lifestyle and daily functional ability, which are physically acknowledged as the following:

Strength: The potential to lift heavier objects, than previously.

Flexibility: Your pain free range-of-motion.

Muscle Endurance: The power to do repetitive movements without fatigue.

Aerobic Endurance: The capacity of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system to perform well.

These are the underlying common elements to cause a healthy lifestyle, and some physicians and others maintain, a longer, pain free life span. I ultimately propose that other elements are further improved. Elements we talk about as being mental health, emotional health, reformed self-esteem, self-reliance and a certain spirituality.

I believe employing the Da Vinci Fitness Code is a key to a saner lifestyle. I will sufficiently discuss the incentives here and in future work. I am committed to distribute this information with you.

After reading the approach I outline in the Da Vinci Fitness Code, it is of primary significance to understand the correct guidelines I outline. Otherwise, you will not certainly receive peak benefit. You will improve, but not to the peak possible level.

Please do not combine my procedure with other theories or methods you presently use, or have learned about. Changing one component of the Da Vinci Fitness Code will change the code itself.

You will independently arrive at an answer; however, it will not be the correct answer.

Exactly follow the structure I outline for establishing the relevant baseline “Fitness Code.” Exercise for one month following the Code. Then, retest at the completion of one month. If you are not amazed at the gains, you will be the first soul I have ever heard of, who has not experienced startling advances.

Especially, when your baseline data is matched, to your present day fitness data, the enhancements will vouch for themselves. Your baseline data, in principle, reflects your present day fitness level. The date when you were introduced to the Da Vinci Fitness Code approach.

If you are the proprietor of a fitness center, a Personal Trainer or a Physical Therapist, the Fitness Code is a logical approach, to verify baseline. It generously grants information for every person under your supervision. When precisely applied to fitness protocol, produces excellent results.

In a business sense, it is an impressive marketing tool to attract new members, and to help retain or upgrade your current client list.

The data you collect using this system cannot be contradicted by anyone: fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, Strength competitors, sports persons, physicians, physical therapists, work rehabilitation professionals, or designated insurers.

Because it is derived in the alphabet of the Universe, “numbers” it makes total sense, even to the uninitiated fitness consumer. As I often mention, the great scientist Galileo said: “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the Universe.”

Meaning -- All things can be stated and related mathematically. All you need do is use the numbers to help your reach your goals. It is that simple.

The Fitness Code message I am about to share with you developed over a consecutive period of two decades. During this time, I experimented by using these numbers within additional fitness training, personally and with client's.

The Fitness Code was confirmed, corrected, and explored for many years. I kept at it until I was gratified that it was most advantageous and simple to understand. I learned certain truths about timeless physical exercise, and learned to eventually release my previous prejudice about the method exercise was suppose to be conferred, according to its leaders.

Now it has achieved the best and present form.

The protocols I offer will positively give you cause to examine every bit of knowledge you ever applied to your physical fitness training. I understand it is very hard to completely trust a new approach to exercise.

Especially, one that significantly improves daily functional ability.

You must create the intellectual leap across the ravine of your previous belief code, to land on a new knowledge plateau. It is worth the struggle!

Rest secure the protocols I share with you are legitimate. They have never failed to produce favorable results. However, it is true that people will improve at separate rates. Your Genetic potential, combined with concentrated intent, realistic goals, and strong-minded level of dedication will direct you.

In addition, your potential to follow a reasonable weight management program, and to achieve sufficient rest, and your dedication to lower your stress level, are other determining factors that influence your rate of progress.

You can do it and we will help you move forward.The most important value, related to fitness training, is your quantity of honest Intention.

Without Intention, all the other factors are limited.

Intent plays more of a major role than you might expect. Be prepared to have your belief system challenged, and changed for the near future. First, before we explore the concept of Intent, let us place first things first!

The fact that you decided to make exercise part of your healthy lifestyle signifies a positive step forward. Let us immediately begin your passage into a positive life force with the evolutionary thought of Offering Thanks.

The offer thanks can be to yourself for having the courage to proceed.

Alternatively, to someone who inspired you. Perhaps, to the Source of your choosing, and to the power of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual improvements it originates.

Joe Mullen
Fitness Scientist
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